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Pinned topic How to create database pool for db2 v9.7 in wasce 3.0

‏2011-12-04T14:24:04Z |
I am participating in ibm tgmc 2011. For that project I need to work on ibm products websphere(Community Edition),db2-express c edition,eclipse.

I want to know how to create database pool in websphere. I used the administrative console and in first step of giving name in second step i selected db2 9.5 version and given the username and password,i couldn't understand its not going forward no responses no error report nothing.

my installation details:

websphere community edition 3.0
db2 express-c edition v9.7
its going late if any one have db2 v9.5 plz give me link to it
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    Re: How to create database pool for db2 v9.7 in wasce 3.0

    ‏2012-04-30T21:01:46Z  in response to F79V_ravi_teja
    Just had the same problem here (same versions too). Did anyone find a solution?