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Pinned topic ibm::opencl::InvalidBinaryError on IBM power

‏2011-12-01T23:02:38Z |

I am running opencl code on IBM CPU Power, altivec supported 32bit. But strangely enough I am getting the following error:

terminate called after throwing an instance of 
'ibm::opencl::InvalidBinaryError' Aborted

I tried running a simpler opencl matrix multiplication code which ran properly on the box.

What this error of ibm::opencl::InvalidBinaryError actually means? Is there some issue with the host code or the kernels?

To be clear, the kernels at this point doesn't have any code in them, they are just empty stubs with proper arguments list only.

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    Re: ibm::opencl::InvalidBinaryError on IBM power

    Hmm.. odd - that's an internal error that we apparently didn't trap correctly to map to an API error.

    Do you get anything different when you run with the debug libraries? This would show if there were any errors in the clCreateProgram and clBuildProgram APIs.

    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/CL/debug:/usr/lib64/CL/debug
    If that doesn't help, is there any chance that you can send us the code? That's the only other thing that comes to mind, though I'll look through the code to see if something else comes to mind.