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Pinned topic Content Manager version 8.4.3 upgrade on Zos issue

‏2011-12-01T15:39:59Z |
We are currently going through with the upgrade of the content manager system from 8.3 to 8.4.3 on Zos. Our applications are written in and are thick desktop clients and use the p client automation APIs for issuing CM calls to the server. Each of the client has the ICMClient and DB2 client personal edition installed on the PC. While the upgrade went smooth, we have "issues" with privilege sets being read with the new client.

We have several USER defined privilege sets that seem to work well with the old client but with the new client the application errors out saying that the user does not have enough privileges to perform the activity. The same exact access without any code change works perfectly fine with the old client.

however, if the privilege sets are blown open, it works. this is not desirable. what could be the issue?
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    Re: Content Manager version 8.4.3 upgrade on Zos issue

    Hi. Try this forum for Content Manager questions: