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Pinned topic Run Task can not be executed

‏2011-12-01T07:33:06Z |
OS RedHatLinux
C:D 4.0 FIX09MAY2011

After Reboot, Run Task can't be executed.
Copy Steps ok.
Error is:
<- sdms_run_pgm: failed, can't set uid 9806
MSGT=The system call setuid() failed. Message ID XRPM004I, rc=16, fdbk=11.|MSST=The system call setuid() failed.
When C:D attempted to setuid to the assigned user the OS rejected it with a fdbk=11 ( Resource not available).

File ndmsmgr is owned by root:
-rwsr-xr-x 1 root vdw11b01 1976320 Jun 4 12:20 ndmsmgr
Same Run Taks run on another Server with the same configuration without problems.

Does anyone have an idea?
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    Re: Run Task can not be executed

    my ndmsmgr has
    -r-x------ 1 root users ndmsmgr