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Pinned topic SDL and TTCN Suite: Error: couldn't acquire Integrated-Simulator license

‏2011-11-30T15:17:19Z |

Our university has a set of IBM Academic Initiative licenses for IBM Rational SDL and TTCN Suite 6.3 as well as other former Telelogic products (DOORS, etc.). Up until now, we have had no problems.

When trying to generate code in the TTCN tool for use with the Integrated Simulator, we get the following messages:

No Errors found.
TTCN to C Compiler report:
TTCN to C Compiler 6.3.0 Build 1 2
© Copyright IBM Corporation 1993, 2009. All Rights Reserved.
Error: couldn't acquire Integrated-Simulator license
Error in TTCN to C Compiler

The support staff in my department have been unable to speak to a human being at IBM regarding this error, so I'm trying this forum with the hope that I can either find out:

1) is it possible the license is simply missing from our pack? If so, how to correct this?
2) is there a way to speak to a human being regarding support for IBM Academic Initiative software. This error is preventing our students from going ahead with their lab exercise.


Cris Fuhrman