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By Dr. Einar W. Karlsen (, Solution Architect, North-East Europe, IBM

Part 1. Overview and workflow

This series explains how to use IBM Rational Publishing Engine to generate compliance-relevant reports. Part 1 gives a short overview of the software, describes the report development workflow, and provides a sample report that is used in the subsequent articles to show the capabilities of the tool.

Part 2. Design and layout

Part 2 in this series shows how to decompose large and complex reports into smaller, more manageable templates. It also covers developing reusable templates and creating a standard layout that adheres to your company's standards and style guidelines.

Part 3. Reporting from multiple data sources

Part 3 shows how to create reports that take information from several data sources, including software from other companies. It explains how Rational Publishing Engine establishes traces from information in one source to data managed by another tool and then combines them into the same document.

Part 4. Testing, review, and deployment

Part 4 covers testing, review, and deployment. Using two IBM Rational Quality Manager reports as examples, it shows how to test, check, and deploy the documents and templates that you have developed.
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