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‏2011-11-29T14:57:38Z |
We are trying to figure out the best "security framework" for our as400 web applications in WebSphere.
The as400 programmers want to have the user log in with their as400 credentials, and when a jdbc connection is made, they want the individual's credentials to be used so that when a procedure or sql is called on the as400, it is logged that that user made the call.
But in order to do this, each connection has to be made with those credentials, and you can't do connection pooling this way.

I think normally, it is best practice to use connection pooling using a "single" username and password for the datasource in WebSphere (ie. all connections are made with only one username).

Right now, we have Websphere security configured to use ldap on the as400 for authentication into the web apps. In the application, the jdbc connection is made with the username that is logged in.

Has anyone come across this scenario at all?