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Pinned topic How to use QueryReadStore for lazy loading a dojo datagrid?

‏2011-11-29T14:30:57Z |
Hello everyone,

I am having trouble using QueryReadStore for lazy loading a dojo datagrid so I very much appreciate any help on this area.

QueryReadStore was recommended on dojotoolkit website for its lazy loading feature for large number of records.

As a prototype, when I set 9 records for numRows in a Struts2 action and rowsPerPage: '3' for datagrid on jsp, I can see 6 records on the datagrid and blank rows for the last 3.

I have tried different numRow and rowsPerPage values too. In all those cases just two pages of records were displayed and it never goes beyond two pages when scrolling down.

Could any of you get QueryReadStore work with multiple pages?

Thank you very much for your input.