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Pinned topic TSO ISPF VS FORTRAN needing to call C in z/OS ZFS compiled as ASCII

‏2011-11-28T21:50:59Z |
I am not a zOS C guru, so I hope someone in the forum can help.
Can you tell me if this is possible?

What I am being asked to do is:

From a TSO / ISPF environment have a VS Fortran program call a C program.
However the interesting parts of the C program are as follows:
The C program is compiled as ASCII on the zOS ZFS because it makes use of the
SAP RFC SDK DLL which is compiled/delivered as ASCII.

I know in general a C program can be called from Fortran, but I don't see how we
can make the above work.

Any suggestions?
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    Re: TSO ISPF VS FORTRAN needing to call C in z/OS ZFS compiled as ASCII

    ‏2011-12-06T14:04:10Z  in response to RGY
    If NOXPLINK compile option is forced with ASCII, ILC between Fortan and C works however, under these compile options the C program cannot contain main() and should not use any of the ASCII run-time libraries. So, maybe the Fortran routine could be re-written in a language that supports XPLINK environment?