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Pinned topic Questions about latest Informix Connect (3.70 FC3)

‏2011-11-28T09:57:19Z |

I am currently developing an ASP .NET 4-application and the plan is to eventually deploy it to a Windows Server 2008 server/IIS 7.5.

I am using Informix .NET Provider and I have successfully managed to connect to the database (IDS 11.7) and fetch some data in the ASP .NET code on my developer machine (win 7/Visual Studio 2010/IIS 7.5).
I have installed the 64-bit version of Informix CSDK 3.70 FC3 and defined INFORMIXDIR environment variable and added the "bin" and "bin\netf20" directories to the PATH.
I am compiling the application as a 64-bit application.

However, my application (a small ASP .NET test app) does not work on the Windows 2008 server. It might be due to wrong settings of some environment variable, but before I delve into that I have a few questions about Informix CSDK and Connect:

The administrator of the Windows Server 2008 server has installed the Informix Connect 3.70 FC3 64-bit package (Connect.3.70.FC3).

(1) Is Informix .NET Provider included in this package or should she install some other distribution?
(2) Can the Informix .NET Provider co-exist with the newer IBM Data Server Provider for .NET?
(3) If I decide to start using the IBM Data Server Provider instead of .NET Provider, what has to be done in the IDS environment to make that work?

I appreciate if someone can find the time to answer my questions.

With regards,