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‏2011-11-25T20:48:44Z |
Quick question if anyone can assist...

Is it possible to drag and drop between two open workspaces?

For example: I have Workspace A and Workspace B open and they contain 50 nearly identical processes. I want to move just process 33 from B to A to overwite the outdated 33 on A. Is there a way to do so without overwriting everything on A to match B?
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    Re: Stupid Question re: Moving Items Between Workspaces

    Hi Timothy

    I had never tried drag and drop between two workplace, I don't think it will work.
    Also, moving the files from one workspace to other workspace never worked fine to me.

    Do you have more than one project that you want to merge on your workspace?

    If it is only one or two projects I think the best way for this example will be to:
    • First, backup everything. (workplace A and B)
    • Export the project in Workspace B as "xxx.mar"
    • Switch to workspace A and import "xxx.mar".
    • You will see a window that will help you to merge the identical process names. It will ask you if you want to replace the thing from the project or keep them. On this can you will need to replace.

    I hope this helps.