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‏2011-11-25T16:47:24Z |
Hi all,
I have a db2 pureXML database with 2,5 million XML documents.
I am trying to implement a FULLTEXT index on these documents with db2text.

I followed the intructions but when I run the command:

db2text update index...

the computer stars the processing but never ends (It has been runnig for 7 days).
I think this is too much time. Thr question is:

1. Is it normal to take so much time?
2. Is there any way to know if the database is in fact indexing the data (the CPU and memory comsumtion are practically null)

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    Re: URGENT: Full-text indexing

    Hi there,

    if you have an urgent problem it would be best if you would open a ticket (PMR) with IBM to get dedicated help.

    7 days certainly sounds too long. However, the time to build a text index also depends on the size of the XML documents, your hardware, and the system configuration such as how many disks for the data vs. text index.

    You say that CPU usage is close to zero. How about I/O?
    Did you check if there are any applications waiting on locks?
    If anything hangs then it's hard to diagnose this without more detailed information. Getting IBM support involved would be best.



    Matthias Nicola