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‏2011-11-24T14:13:58Z |
Looking for some nice form controls for the iPhone and iPad, that are web and not native. In particular, with a high level of user experience quality - has to be a joy to use, intuitive, and uses touch gestures that we are familiar with... it'd be nice, but not at the expense of, if it fits in with a good balance between Apple's look and feel, and a corporate's branding/look and feel.

1. Date picker - e.g., birthday - the 3-spinner control in native apps is nice but there's no web version with Safari or Dojo. And also the control has the minor issue of going from 2011 to 1953 needing a large number of swipes.

The Dojo date picker is not easy to use with the iPhone - e.g., does not snap edge to edge when focussed for a good user experience, and it needs 58 patient taps to go to 1953 from 2011 for those who do not realise they can press down and hold. The day boxes are a bit too small for a finger to pick one.

2. Currency - a nice quick way using touch gestures to pick a figure in the hundreds, e.g., $33,700, would be superb, with the number of touch gestures low with no need for precise little movements.

3. Number - similar... a nice way to pick a number between 0 and 10 in as few touch gestures as possible, and shouldn't use too much estate (showing all numbers on page) or having to leave page to select a simple number (this complicates page navigation logic, and possibly has look and feel issues).

These "gauges":

are interesting, and they work great on the iPhone and iPad, however I'm not sure how it'll work with dates, currency, and numbers, or where gauges wouldn't seem appropriate (e.g., perhaps it is associated with a dashboard, not to, e.g., select number of loans required).

Any thoughts welcome

With regards, Ben
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    Re: Web form controls for iPad/iPhone

    Thanks Ben,

    We can convey these as issues to the IBM Dojo team - perhaps we can get some enhancements submitted for the Dojo controls you mention. We'll come back with any specific questions or additional dialog (unless this discussion moves to another community - see below).

    You might get some broader perspectives and experience on these usability questions at