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Pinned topic How to stay synchronized with organisation structure ?

‏2011-11-23T16:21:17Z |
Hello everybody,

Let's imagine a company with 25000 employees.
Let's assume now that employees organization change very often : every day new teams are created, some others are merges, some employee move from one team to an other or became manager of a team, team names change, etc.
To manage this organization, the company developed his owns organization repository (Not LDAP based)
The company provide an API to be notified about all changes in the company organization.

There are 2 needs:
  • Synchronize internal BPM user/group with the organization changes
  • Perform, depending of the type of change, some actions: reassign tasks, upgrade credential, remove, etc.
About the first need, I know how to synchronize internal BPM user/groups with LDAP thanks to the admin console. But, I don't want to use LDAP and I don't want to perform user interactions : it must be perform into a batch. So the question is : how can we "programmatically" change mapping between BPM user/groups and organization repository ??

For instance, Let's assume user "sam" is part of a organization group named Group1 which is included in BPM internal group MyBPMGroup.
If user "sam" moves from organisation's group named Group1 to another group named Group2, how can I "programmatically" map group named Group2 with MyBPMGroup to keep user "sam" in same process swim-lanes ??
About the second need, I think it is possible to define so kind of "admin BPD" to perform actions depending of the incoming change event. If you have any better idea, please share with us.