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Pinned topic Portal Beta installed and started - now how do I log into it?

‏2011-11-23T02:29:26Z |
I took the option of downloading the binaries and installing the Portal Beta myself.

I'm using Windows Server 2008 R2.

During the installation I was only prompted for two users & pwds - the Admin and DB2 users.

At the final step of the installation wizard there was a series of radio buttons for the next step - I took the default one, which was to create a profile. However, there was already a wp_profile created, so I didn't create another.

Now, when I try to log into the WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console, it seems that neither of my user accounts is valid.

There was nothing in the Beta installation instructions about this - anyone know how to get past this?
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  • joe_g
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    Re: Portal Beta installed and started - now how do I log into it?

    The WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console account should match the value that you specified for the Portal Admin during the installation. You can double check this value by looking at the following file:

    C:/Program Files/IBM/WebSphere/wp_profile/ConfigEngine/properties/

    The values to look for are:


    In the example above I specified "wpsadmin" as my Portal Admin user id during the install. So to login to the WebSphere Admin console, I would use wpsadmin with the password that I specified.
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    Re: Portal Beta installed and started - now how do I log into it?

    One of the radio buttons available in the next step 'Portal FirstSteps where you can launch the portal server URL, portal Admin Console" is one that you would use. The first two buttons for WebSphere Application Server.

    Once you selected the Portal FirstSteps, you will be able to choose one of the options: Portal URL or Admin Console.

    You can log into the portal server http://yourhostname:10039/wps/portal with the Admin user id and password that you entered in the installation.