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‏2011-11-22T11:57:14Z |
I am using CastIron Express,for transforming data from MySQL to Salesforce.
I saw the option to do Configure functions.
i selected 'Minimum', but not able to edit the value.there it comes the sample default value.

where can i edit the value for the minimum function.can i change the sample default value any where.
i am using the 60 days trial version.
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    Re: CastIron express configure functions

    Hi Aiden,

    The purpose of the minimum function is to select the minimum value from a number of input values. If you connect multiple numeric input fields into the minimum function, then when processing a record from the source system Cast Iron Express will select the lowest value of those numeric input fields and pass it to the target field associated with the function.

    The read-only value you mention is just the some sample data for the TotalEmployees field. After recent updates to Cast Iron Express that number will be a real example of data in your source system.