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Pinned topic Datacap Taskmaster issue - might be the wrong forum...

‏2011-11-21T20:20:57Z |
Is there a way to have a message (long message) shown to the user right after a batch has been scanned? The DIALOG scripting function does not work because it's a long message. We developed a DLL with a function that would show the long message. It's called from the script and it works (in a way). The issue: the external function has been called from the CLOSEFORMSPEC event (where it's needed) but the problem is that the "Start next batch" dialog is shown before the Long Message has been accepted or cancelled; this issue is aborting that next batch to be scanned.
Apparently the Taskmaster detects the CLOSEFORMSPEC, but it will not wait for the external function to end; so it triggers the next batch.

If this is the wrong forum, please direct me to the right one, since I couldn't locate anyone for taskmaster/datacap.
Thanks in advance.