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Pinned topic Customizing group partecipants and arrayList

‏2011-11-21T16:25:40Z |
Hi to all, I need some help about adding workflow group partecipants and populate arraylist dinamically. On my workflow definition I create a test group (gptest) on workflow groups .When I launch the workflow I execute a db query (store procedure) to obtain the authorized user/users (var users)to approve my next step. (the examples assigned value are user=Administrator or user=Administrator,User1).
On System step I assign the DB result to test group (Assign function, gptest={users}). The step processor was correctly assigned only if the authorized user is one that more (I catch an exception (the users doesn't exists)). What is the right way to assign dinamically more user to a workflow group? My DB result is "Administrator,User1...." I have the same problem with the array. I defined a variable currencyList as String[]. When calling a store procedure, I populate a string like this "mycurrency=EUR;USD"
On Assign function I put currencyList=mycurrency but I don't have an implicit conversion (string to array).
Can anyone help me?
Thank's so much