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Pinned topic Installing DB schema for TBSM 6.1

‏2011-11-21T12:09:04Z |
Hi All,
During the installation of Db2 schema for TBSM 6.1 it displays the error message as attached , please guide, FYI i am using a non root user for this installation.
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    Re: Installing DB schema for TBSM 6.1

    ‏2011-11-22T22:54:35Z  in response to devil786
    The user for tbsm installation might not be the db2 instance owner (or the db2 environment is not setup). It complains db2 executable or environment is not available. You can test by issue "db2" command if that is unix or linux installation.

    Once you issue the command you should see:

    Server:/ $ db2
    (c) Copyright IBM Corporation 1993,2007
    Command Line Processor for DB2 Client 9.7.0

    You can issue database manager commands and SQL statements from the command
    prompt. For example:
    db2 => connect to sample
    db2 => bind sample.bnd

    For general help, type: ?.
    For command help, type: ? command, where command can be
    the first few keywords of a database manager command. For example:
    ? CATALOG DATABASE for help on the CATALOG DATABASE command
    ? CATALOG for help on all of the CATALOG commands.

    To exit db2 interactive mode, type QUIT at the command prompt. Outside
    interactive mode, all commands must be prefixed with 'db2'.
    To list the current command option settings, type LIST COMMAND OPTIONS.

    For more detailed help, refer to the Online Reference Manual.

    db2 =>
    What is your db2 instance ower? you can install or run the schema using that user instead.. The installation script attempt to create the databases, which requires certain db2 privilege if the user is not an instance owner.
    • devil786
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      Re: Installing DB schema for TBSM 6.1

      ‏2011-11-23T11:00:56Z  in response to auphil
      HI thanks for the information, I did the following steps:

      1) install RHEL 5.5 64 bit

      2) after installation created a non root user named netcool

      3) after that copy the TBSM source to the machine.

      4) install DB2 9.7 using Root user account

      5) By default db2inst1 instance is created

      6) after that using the db2inst1 user i installed the db2 schema configuration successfully.

      7) in the last i use the netcool user to install dashboard and Data server on the same machine , but every time it displays the attached error message, if any body has any info please guide.
      • wangshas
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        Re: Installing DB schema for TBSM 6.1

        ‏2011-12-10T13:06:02Z  in response to devil786
        Pls check the logs in the following directory to see what's the real problem:
        $HOME or C:\Users\Administrator:
        IA-Netcool-OMNIbus-<Username>-<date>T<time>-0.log for OMNIbus install
        IA_TBSMDL_Install6.1-00.log for Discovery Library install