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Pinned topic Install Hangs on Windows 2008 Server

‏2011-11-17T21:53:05Z |
I have just downloaded WSRR_v75_Windows file and have unzipped its contents. I am now attempting to install this into a Windows 2008 server. When running launchpad64 as an administrator (and having local admin rights), I am prompted to confirm that the program is allowed to make changes on the computer. The launchpad window is then displayed, and I click on the Install Using Typical Installer link. The window then hangs and never returns control and no other window is displayed. Thoughts?
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    Re: Install Hangs on Windows 2008 Server

    Firstly make sure you right clicked on launchpad.exe or launchpad64.exe (whichever one you run is irrelevant they both run the same launchpad code), and select "Run as administrator".

    Other things to check - run Windows Update.
    The launchpad is a web application that runs in the embedded IE engine thats part of windows and so is very susceptible to updates from Microsoft.
    I would definitely say its worth upgrading to IE7 or later if you're not already there (preferably IE8 or later).

    Then try again, I expect you will find it then works as normal. We've seen similar behaviour before and its the windows updates that seem to be the key to fixing it.


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    Re: Install Hangs on Windows 2008 Server -- Windows and IE Updated

    Thanks for the good idea. I have now fully applied all Windows updates, and ensured that we are now using IE version 8. The problem remains as it was without impact. Other thoughts from the community (I have opened a PMR, but their suggestion is to do a manual install which seems like a desire to avoid finding/fixing the root cause of this problem).