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Pinned topic Announcement: Updated IBM FileNet P8 5.1 Information Center

‏2011-11-16T19:43:49Z |
We've recently updated the IBM FileNet P8 V5.1 information center ( For most of the changed topics, the updates include:

o Fixes that correct known issues and other errors.
o Changes to the product name for IBM InfoSphere Enterprise Records, which is now named IBM Enterprise Records.
o Deprecation notices for IBM FileNet Legacy Content Search Engine.

In addition, the updates include:

o Content Engine administration – added a new topic, "Conversion of mapped property values," which defines the data type conversion rules for IBM FileNet CFS for Content Integrator; updated the description of the license terms for use of IBM Content Engine Bulk Import Tool.
o IBM Content Search Services troubleshooting – added a new topic, "Checking IBM Content Search Services for common errors."
o IBM ECM Widgets installation – added a new planning topic.
o Performance tuning – added IBM Content Manager tuning topics.
o Process Engine Web Service documentation - added new methods from fixpack and supporting updates.
o IBM Forms – added documentation for IBM Forms, which is now bundled with IBM FileNet Business Process Manager with limited use license terms.

If you want to apply these updates to a locally installed IBM FileNet P8 V5.1 information center, see the download document ( available from the IBM Support Portal.