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‏2011-11-16T14:00:50Z |
Hi everyone,

Does anyone know how much of the JCR API (JSR-170 and JSR-283) specification CM supports? I've been looking for a general statement of compliance but can't seem to find one.
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    Re: CM and JCR

    ‏2011-11-16T21:27:27Z  in response to jplumeysys
    CM does not support the JCR API (JSR-170/283).

    CM does support the newer CMIS standard (Content Manager Interoperability Services) (OASIS standard) which has significant industry support and growing. The capabilities should be functionally equivalent to JCR. CMIS natively supports modern web 2.0 APIs - REST & webservices, but also supports highly recommended rich Java APIs & .Net APIs through Apache Chemistry (as OpenCMIS and DotCMIS) along with a CMIS workbench (OpenWorkbench) and TCK.

    IBM Content Manager released product support for CMIS APIs by IBM CMIS for Content Manager V1.0 (along with IBM CMIS for FileNet Content Manager). For more information on CMIS, see the links on the IBM CMIS Forum Welcome Topic. For additional discussion about IBM CMIS, see the IBM CMIS for ECM Forum.

    Given your interest in JCR, a Java technology, I think you would find a very good equivalent in the Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS Java API paired with IBM Content Manager Services for CMIS.
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      Re: CM and JCR

      ‏2011-12-16T11:44:09Z  in response to TigerTrix
      > The capabilities should be functionally equivalent to JCR.

      This is quite far from truth. Should I remind that JCR is API to be used by applications, while the main goal of CMIS is interoperability and integration. What this means is that JCR is much richer API in terms of problem domain, i.e. Content Management. Considering this, and also the fact that CMIS was designed by a committee (they rarely produce anything decent), one should not expect much value from CMIS for application development.