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‏2011-11-16T13:59:53Z |
Hi everyone,

I'm new to Cognos Controller and have a question that i hope some of you could help me answering.

I'm trying to make a Form for a customer, where various relevant data are shown on the form (Budget same periode, budget FY, Act last year, etc)
I've tried to ad the cc.fgetval formular to the form but the system says that it's not possible to use the formular in a Form.
Tried the same with a Free Form but get the same result.

I've also tried adding the extra data with a cc.fputValue formular (using standard forms) and then just deactivate these columns for changes. And it works fine most of the time, but if 2 column at a given time shows the same period (e.g. in december reporting the budget for the month column and the FY Budget column will show the same values) then Cognos Controller automatically hide one of the columns. So the format of the Form is not exactly the same for all reporting months.

My question is, what is the correct way to show data already stored in Controller in a Form?

Hope you understand my question and are able to help.