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Pinned topic Classification Module Rules in OmniFind 9.1

‏2011-11-15T11:22:07Z |

We are trying to use Classification Module (8.7) integrated with OmniFind (9.1 EE), using the Classification Module annotator to process documents, and add some new metadata to particular types of document.

This basic integration is working fine, but some rules that I define within Classification Workbench do not seem to fire correctly when run within OmniFind.

I am trying to write some Decision Plan rules to look for strings in the document title, as follows:

($ICM_Title contains ~abc~)

When tested in JavaGUIDecide, this rule fires correctly. However when run within OmniFind it seems that it does not, as the new metadata field is not set to the expected value.

I guess this is because the "ICM_Title" field does not exist when called from within OmniFind. So, I tried using "$title", and "$Title", thinking that this might pick up the standard OmniFind title fields, but this did not work either.

Rules which look for text within the body of the document, work correctly.

So, is there something different I need to do to access OmniFind metadata fields from Decision Plan rules?