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We are migrating from IT CAM RTT to IT CAM for Transactions. As we are running LoadRunner scripts I think that means we are using RRT.

We have tried configuring situations that reported status and that resulted in ITM_RRT_SubTransaction_Status class events into TEC. This didn't provide the application name so we have tried Instance instead.

The "ITM_RRT_SubTransaction_Instance" event gives all the data we want except there doesn't seem to be a recovery event.

Ideally we would have an event that a sub-transaction failed and then another when it recovers.

I have seen some events in the TEC log with "integration_type" of "N" and "U". Are these what I am looking for?
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    Re: RRT Recovery Events

    RRT agent built on top of the ITM infrastructure doesn't have similar concepts to what RTT product offers but it has something called Pure/Sampled events. There are ODI tables that collect both pure and sampled events for all playback related VP events and you can use either one of those based on your needs. Sampled events provide similar functionality to recovery events but the concepts are a bit different. Please refer to this documentation on how pure and sampled events work in ITM -->

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