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Pinned topic Cache Management for standalone java programs on different servers

‏2011-11-14T12:37:53Z |
Here is the scenario,

We have 3 linux servers, each running 2 different standalone java batch programs which runs 24/7, 365 days a year - (total 6). All programs runs in their own JVMs, and they need to refer to a common set of master data which is substantial in size but not huge. For each transaction, the program refer to this master data, hence it make sense to cache this data on each of the JVMs.

Problem - Each of these programs can make a new entry to this set of master data (which will be persisted to database), and the same needs to be replicated on all instances of the caches, so that other programs wont insert the same master data record again, to ensure data integrity.

We want to keep it simple, I was trying to use ehcache for this.

Please suggest possible solutions and your experience with caching solutions, like ehcache.