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Pinned topic Performance Issue with WebSphere adapter for JDBC

‏2011-11-11T20:57:00Z |
I am facing a performance issue with WebSphere Adapter for JDBC in outbound scenario where I am inserting records into multiple tables (Header and Detail tables) in Oracle 11g database.

Environment Details:

WPS Version:
WID Version:
WebSphere JDBC Adapter version:
Database: Oracle 11g
OS: Windows 7/ Solaris

Outbound BO Structure:

I have a Wrapper BO which contains Header BO (represents Header table in the database). Header BO contains few fields and a child BO(represents Detail table in the database) called Detail BO which is N cardinal.

field n
DetailBO N cardinal

field n

Basically for each header record there would be one or more detail records.

Problem Description/ Performance Issue:

By Calling JDBC Import Parter using Service Invoke/ Custom Java Invoke

1. When I tried to insert 1 header record and 3999 detail records it took around 1 minute.
2. When I tried to insert 1 header record and 7999 detail records it took little more than 10 minutes.
3. When I tried to insert 1 header 29999 details records it took almost 10 hrs. I repeat it took almost 10 hrs.

Based on above observations, I can clearly say, the amount of time taking to insert records is exponential and is not linear.

Has anyone had this performance issue? Any thoughts on this exponential behavior?