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Pinned topic Trying to connect a console to e-server P520

‏2010-12-16T19:26:28Z |
I've inherited a P520 server and am trying to connect to the ASMI via a laptop with a serial cable. I've found docs online and I've tried connecting to the serial ports on back using a speed of 19200, 8bits, no parity, 1 stop and it's not working. I've also tried connecting to the RJ-45 port on the front console with an serial-to-RJ45 cable and I get garbage characters and can't get a login prompt.

I've also found docs on how to find out the IP addresses of the HMC ports using the front panel and get nothing at all.

Any suggestions at all?
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    Re: Trying to connect a console to e-server P520


    Did you manage this server with HMC before or this is the first time?

    It is supposed that HMC IPs are the default ones which are for HMC1 and for HMC2 as you can see on the panel itself using option 30.