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Pinned topic Not able to compile a program , copy book members are not recognized

‏2011-11-11T06:06:38Z |

1. When i try to compile a cobol program CUSVSAM in the LAB_2 it is displaying the error list for all the COPY BOOK

2. One more thing right click on "dallas" and select connect to host server it is displaying the blank screen. when i
enter TSO it displays an error message transaction 'TSO' is not recognized.

3. When right click on the program which i need to compile the option's displayed doesn't include syntax-check instead
directly it has local syntax check.

4. When i click on the MYJOBS to look at the JES it is asking for password with user-id automatically populated in the
pop-up box. But in the ref PDF it is given like Password = N/A.