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Lately i've been really getting into this cloud computing craze. I'm sure many of you have heard of or IBM storage but I use something else called
It is a pretty cool idea, especially since it is really segmented. For example, it has categories for each document. A place to store your drivers licence, passports, a planner for your day to day activities, your cv plus any work you've done, ie. uni work or work work (as that gives you plus a whole heap of other categories....pretty much di da di da...anyway....You can then Sync it to your iPad application called myPDV and have it with you on the run...but I can't be stuffed (Yes, i'm Australian and can't be stuffed means I can't be bothered) talking about that as well.....

Do we all think that this cloud computing is the way of the future? I'm interested to see if things like this will become so big that we will never need a memory stick....or even a computer again?
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