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Pinned topic Can SDMC manage Dual VIOS on AIX Blade PS702

‏2011-11-09T21:37:09Z |

SDMC supports dual vio servers but does it support
dual vios on PS702 Blades running AIX in a Blade Center
H environment?

Right now blade hw is limited to a single vio (IVM)
configuration. Will SDMC overcome this limitation ? We
can't find anything in the resource links stating SDMC
also permits dual vio on blades.

Here is our preliminary PS702 Blade Config running AIX.

8core Power 7
32gb using 16gb dims
1 -300gb drive
1 -Qlogic 10gb FCOE Adapter
8 - AIX 7.1 Std Edition Lic's with media
8 - Power VM Standard Edition Lic's
8 - IBM Systems Director Std Lic's
3yr 24x7x4 SWMA

Scott Richards
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    Re: Can SDMC manage Dual VIOS on AIX Blade PS702

    SDMC provides full PowerVM support on Power Blades. So - if the blade has enough hardware, you can configure multiple VIOS's from the SDMC.

    Typically, you would expect to need at a minimum 2 FC cards - one for each VIOS, and 2 mechanisms to get network to each VIOS. If you're hardware config has that, then yes - you can have dual VIOS on a blade.
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    Re: Can SDMC manage Dual VIOS on AIX Blade PS702

    • AFAIK you can install on the local disks only 1 VIOS since both disks using the same storage controller. Thus the other VIOS must be booted via FC or by some other ways.
    - The ps702 still support IVE so you can configure for each lpar its own network. Booting up 8 LPARs via iSCSI - in case live partition mobility is not needed no crappy vios maintenance ...

    Our JS12 will be managed with the SDMC in the near future but without any VIO. A AIX LPAR on the same box will act as a iSCSI server. Since all applications are clustered (HA) i can reboot the whole box without losing any service. And that all without the VIO.

    Imho you should rethink if the need of dual VIO is really needed. You must also take care of the VIOs memory requirements which can be as high as 4GB for a single VIO. 2 VIOs and up to 8GB are gone.

    I do not see any benefits of having a dual VIOs if i take into account my experience with VIOS itself and compared to our ESX environment. Meaning that live partition (Vmotion) is for me much more important nowadays.



    Who can not believe that it took IBM almost 7 ( more?) years to get a cluster fs for vios. Not mentioning the $%§"/ configuration and management of the vios. So i am definitely not a fan of this strange product.