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Pinned topic Information Server 8.5 installation on Linux -Error

‏2011-11-07T10:01:40Z |

I am trying to install information server on linux environment
when i run the setup file i get the following error:

INFOSRV:~/Desktop # cd Infosphere\ Server/
INFOSRV:~/Desktop/Infosphere Server # ls
InfoSvr_v8.5_FP1_Linux64.ispkg InfoSvr_v8.5_LNX_x86_32.tar.gz
InfoSvr_v8.5_FP1_LNX_x86_32.ispkg InfoSvr_v8.5_QuickStartGuide.pdf
InfoSvr_v8.5_Linux64.tar.gz is-suite
INFOSRV:~/Desktop/Infosphere Server # cd is-suite/
INFOSRV:~/Desktop/Infosphere Server/is-suite # ls
buildinfo.txt .jvm_args_debug resources SuiteSpec.xml
DatabaseSupport lib samples tools
InfoServerReleaseNotes_8.5.html license server _uninstall
IS_QuickStartGuide.pdf payloads setup
_jvm readme-migration.txt suite.jar
INFOSRV:~/Desktop/Infosphere Server/is-suite # cd /root/Desktop/Infosphere Server/is-suite
bash: cd: /root/Desktop/Infosphere: No such file or directory
INFOSRV:~/Desktop/Infosphere Server/is-suite # cd root/Desktop/Infosphere Server/is-suite
bash: cd: root/Desktop/Infosphere: No such file or directory
INFOSRV:~/Desktop/Infosphere Server/is-suite # ./setup

The IP address cannot be resolved on this machine, please contact your network administrator to correct the network configuration and retry

Please advice how i should resolve the error.