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Pinned topic Need help in Web Services JAX-RPC Handler to override message namespace

‏2011-11-04T16:33:36Z |
Dear All,

We have a requirement in which we need to change the namespace in coming Soap Message and set it to a different process-able namespace. We are able to change it using a Handler class, It transforms the message to desired soap message but when it is hitting the actual service it’s still referring to incoming namespace only and not the new Namespace which we have replaced in handler.

In SoapEnvelope we are trying to override the incoming namespace-prefix with common namespace URI.
se.addNamespaceDeclaration(prefix, commonNS);

We are using a IBM Websphere. We are suspecting the web services framework jars might be ignoring the modified namespace as this may not be permissible or any other reason? But then there is an exposed method to modify the name space and we are able to do it using that method only. So not sure why the old namespace is retained. Just to add, we tried to modify the SOAP body and added additional element in the handler, the web service is processing those elements fine, but only for namespace it’s not taking the changed one.

Did anyone face similar issues? Any clue if we can manipulate the incoming namespaces in the input Soap Request? Any pointers will be appreciated.