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Pinned topic How to start writing a driver for a PCIe Storage Device

‏2011-11-03T16:10:35Z |
I am looking into writing an AIX kernel extension that allows me to present a high-speed PCIe SSD drive as a block device in AIX. We are targeting AIX 6 and 7. My company, including myself, has never developed AIX kernel extensions before, but we are very excited to start.

I have done my research and have been found the following articles informative:

I am now ready to start writing the extension, however I am in need of a "starting point". The documentation that I have found thus far provides good references, however I have not been able to find an article or sample code that presents me a method of starting the driver development.

That ultimately leads me to the following question:
How do I begin writing a driver kernel extension that will present a block device? Any sample code or similar open source driver code would be extremely helpful.