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I have an XML export of an activity diagram model from System Architect. 1 diagram with 3 steps and 1 decision. Just a test. XML looks valid when I view it in Internet Explorer. I have created a BPMN model, UPIA model and just a blank model package as trials. I followed the couple of steps found in developerworks so I attach the xml file to my model and then run the system architect/rsa importer. I get the merge window run it and all I have is the UPIAMOdel library with a UML Diagram package and nothing else. No artifacts from the xml file created. Does anyone have steps for this that document what is going on? Thanks
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    When exporting the Rational System Architect model with the System Architect - Export XML: Diagrams and child diagrams option, instead of the System Architect - Export XML: Selected objects only option, and then import this model into Rational Software Architect.