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Pinned topic Learning How to Create Reports in Cognos

‏2011-11-02T18:53:45Z |
Good day!
I'm new to Cognos or actually I never used Cognos. I want to ask some help how I can start with Cognos 8. I'm trying to accomplish the following:

1. Able to create and design simple reports in Cognos 8.
2. Able to connect the Oracle dabase to Cognos 8.
3. Also, I want to know where I can use or download the Cognos Reports studio? Is this a tool inside Cognos 8 BI.
4. Any other resources or a free online tranining out there? Please point me to the right direction.

Meantime, I can start with Cognos 8 and not the latest version as the required tool. BTW, I used Crystal reports long time ago and I'm working as a .Net developer right now with MS SQL database and Active Reports for .Net. Now, I'm moving to Cognos 8 and Oracle database.

I appreciate your help.