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‏2011-11-02T00:33:53Z |
I am having an issue where the reboot of the SDMC software appliance is taking 27 minutes.

I am running the SDMC on ESX4.1i on a x3550 with 8Gb ram and with only this appliance running on ESX4.1i. Booting the server into ESX takes only 3 minutes.

Looking at the console of the SDMC when booting it appears the base OS load is quick and most of the time I see only "Server starting" in a gui type window.

Compared to a HMC which takes 5 minutes approximately to reboot, 27 minutes is excessive.

Is the SDMC doing some sort of network discovery? if so how do I turn it off ?

Any ideas greatly appreciated.
Craig Hunt
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    Re: SDMC Software Appliance boot time

    It shouldn't take anywhere close to this long. Director can be pretty temperamental to bad network settings though, and will sit for 20-25 minutes on startup trying to reach hosts that are not available.

    Check your network settings - in particular your DNS settings. Do you have a valid DNS server? Is the hostname of your SDMC registered in the DNS server? Is your domain name right? A quick thing to check is to 'cat /etc/hosts'. Make sure there is an entry for:

    IP_ADDR full_hostname short_hostname

    Make sure your full_hostname is hostname.domainname and it's valid and in DNS.