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‏2011-11-01T18:56:10Z |
We have installed the academic version of CPLEX Optimization studio in our institute's server. It seems that there is only one license for academic version. But still, we are facing a strange problem.

Even though ILOG CPLEX runs without any problem, but when I use oplrun to run OPL, I get the following error message.

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio Preview Edition has expired.
  1. CONCERT exception: CPLEX Error 32201: License invalid

The server administrator is clueless.

When I install an OPL on my WINDOWS machine, I could not run an old OPL5.0 project even after migrating it to the new version. Finally when I decide to pick the model file and add the data files separately and try to run the model, I get the message: "The selection cannot be launched and there are no recent launches". I am clueless if this error is also because of license validity.

Any help would be greatly appreciated in solving these two issues.
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    You've posted your message to the wrong forum. This forum is for IBM Support Assistant application. You may want to check out this link for your issue.