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Pinned topic javax.mail.Transport trapped by a JPA rule

‏2011-11-01T10:10:53Z |

My customer's application uses javax.mail.Transport class. The migration tool complains "Do not use proprietary JPA Imports". I had spent for a while but finally found that the rule seemed to just check if "Transport" class was used. It seems looking for a com.solarmetric.remote.Transport that is a Kodo interface.
Doesn't the tool distinguish java packages? It would be nice if such noises are eliminated from the output.
And is this only a problem of this rule? Or do other rules have similar problems?

Makoto Nishino
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    Re: javax.mail.Transport trapped by a JPA rule

    Hi Makoto,
    Thank you for reporting the error. I am able to duplicate the issue here as well.

    The rules have the intelligence to detect only the invalid imports. This is a bug in this rule only and we will have a fix for it soon.