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Pinned topic EJB2.1 hello word application configuration issue

‏2011-10-31T04:35:41Z |
I am trying to make hello world EJB2.1 application in RAD6 with Web sphere application server. But i'm unable to understand that which file i've to edit in RAD6 for doing changes that we do in jboss.xml while using jboss.

Some lines of codes from jboss.xml:-

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    Re: EJB2.1 hello word application configuration issue

    I suggest to use RAD editor for to change EJB 2.1 descriptors. If your editor doesn't work correctly - you cannot see wndow with most of proterties dividet init tabs, sections. YOu may have ruble with editing EJB descriptors. Try to right click on the ejb-jar.xml and open it with specialized editor.