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Pinned topic Problems with USB key activation

‏2011-10-28T11:59:42Z |

I have a problem with activation of the USB key with RDz UT V8.0.1.
I have the update file generated but when I try to run SecureUpdateUtility -u to activate the key then I get a very simple message: Could not update license!
No further diagnostic data seems to available.
It is worth to say that the Linux on which RDz UT is being installed is in fact a openSUSE 11.1. virtual machine which runs on VMWare Server 2.0 running on an Ubuntu 10.04.3 host.
As a matter of fact after SecureUpdateUtility failed for the first time we restarted the Linux guest and re-ran SecureUpdateUtility which was apparently successfull.
Unfortunately, the zPDT emulator failed after startup because the license for CPU 0 was invalid.
Subsequent attempts to SecureUpdateUtility failed also, even after Linux was restarted.
The USB key is correctly attached to the virtual machine and visible.

Can you please advise me on what the problem can be? Do you think that the fact of RDz UT being installed on a virtula machine could cause this issue?

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  • keithvb
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    Re: Problems with USB key activation

    I see in your post " ...and re-ran SecureUpdateUtility which was apparently successfull.". If that is the case, my understanding is that any further attempt at SecureUpdateUtility -u with the same update file, will fail. And if the SecureUpdate did work, then we need to look further in the zPDT workings.

    Please advise as to zPDT version by issuing command z1090ver.
    Next looking at the ports, we want port 9450 to be listening, let me know that output of command: netstat -a | grep 945 | grep LISTEN
    We need the token usb daemon to running. check with command ps -ef | grep usbdaemon .
    We also need token key server running . check with command ps -ef | grep SntlKeysSrvrlnx

  • RDzJohn
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    Re: Problems with USB key activation

    I see two possible issues here. First, if I read your note correctly, you say you are running RDz-UT in a virtualized VMware instance. This is an unsupported, unlicensed, configuration at this time. You are only licensed to run RDz-UT on a native linux distribution of SuSE 10.3, 11.0, 11.1, or RHEL 5.3, 5.4, or 5.5. Second, if you are trying to run the SecureUpdateUtility in the same virtualized VMware instance, you likely will not get the command to work. We have not been successful in getting predictable results using SecureUpdateUtility inside a VMware instance.

  • JavaPoet
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    Re: Problems with USB key activation

    Running the RDz UT on a virtual machine is not supported, sorry.