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Pinned topic Not all Oracle objects are extracted for "Input for MEET"

‏2011-10-28T01:11:09Z |
I communicated this issue previously, IDMT has on occasion encountered the ORA-0904 encountered when extracting "Input for MEET". I have confirmed this error is encountered despite the user having DBA privilege.

Previously, with 2 other databases, I was able to verify that most of the objects were present in the extracted file... however more recently, we are missing several and sometimes all of the objects. I have examples of extracts which produce an output file containing only the comments at the beginning.

I can provide the files extracted. I have been repeating execution of IDMT a second time performing "Extract DDL" which does not encounter this error and will extract all objects.

Originally we were using version 2.00-b2111, then we down loaded the latest version of IDMT and repeated the test with 2.00-b2114 with the same result.