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Pinned topic Searching on a group of a choice list

‏2011-10-26T14:47:17Z |

We are using Filenet for our document management system.
We have defined a hierarchical choice list including some items and some groups.
We are able to define a search template that allows us to search on "items". But we would like to be able to search on "groups", here is an example :
  • item 01
  • group 01
    • item 02 (of group 01)
    • item 03 (of group 01)
  • item 04

We would like to find all documents linked to item 02 and item 03 by selecting "group 01" in search form.

Do anyone have an idea to help us ?

Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Searching on a group of a choice list

    Did you get the solution on this. Please let me know
  • jaybowen
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    Re: Searching on a group of a choice list


    Group items are not a value, rather a container for other values.  The equivalent SQL would be an IN statement for all contained items in the group item. I don't this is possible without custom code.