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Pinned topic Strange NIC bandwidth issue

‏2011-10-26T04:21:08Z |
Sorry for the duplicate post, I put this in the general AIX forum as well.

I have a very old 7025-F50 running 4.3.3 that we're finally retiring. In trying to move about 54G of data off it I quickly realized it only had a 10/100 card in it. So I installed a 2975 10/100/1000 NIC to do the transfer faster than 3 hours. Here's where it gets weird, the switch the card is plugged into shows it's running 1000Mb full duplex, the NIC in AIX shows it's running at that speed (entstat), everything I have tells me it's running at GB speeds how the actual transfer is still coming out at about the 100Mb speed. Normally I run transfers with SCP so I thought maybe that was it so I tried with just plain old FTP and I still got the same speed.

I am completely out of ideas, does anyone have any?