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‏2011-10-25T21:16:05Z |
I have a resource table which has an XMLPropertyBag as an XML column...which has the below format.I want to Query the EndDate for all resources.

<Resource xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
<City />
<JobTitle>Services Engineer</JobTitle>

I used the below query..but not getting the values..getting all empty records.

SELECT XMLPropertyBag.query('/Resource/EndDate') from dbo.Resources

Please let me know if anyone has a clue.I am using SqlServer 2008.

Thanks a lot..
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    Re: Xpath for reading data...

    That is sort of faq, that you've to understand the meaning of namespace qualified name and default namespace...

    The query should look something like this.
    SELECT XMLPropertyBag.query(
    ' declare 
    default element namespace 
    ""; data(/Resource/EndDate) 
    ') as EndDate  from dbo.Resources

    Or, for illustration using namespace prefix.
    SELECT XMLPropertyBag.query(
    ' declare namespace ns1=
    ""; data(/ns1:Resource/ns1:EndDate) 
    ') as EndDate  from dbo.Resources