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Pinned topic 9.7.3 SQW interim fix available on Fix Central - highly recommended

‏2011-10-25T18:26:48Z |
Hi - the latest interim fix for the SQL Warehousing tool is now available on the

To get to the interim fix, fill in the following details :
  • Product Group : Information Management
  • Product : InfoSphere Warehouse
  • Installed Version : 9.7.3
  • Platform : All

Choose Browse for fixes

Then select the interim fix labelled : ISW-InterimFix-SQW_9.7.3.v20111019

The readme.txt that is included in the downloaded zip file contains the instructions for installing the fix.


If you are a current user of the 9.7.x release where x < 3, then you will likely require this interim fix once you upgrade to the 9.7.3 release.

APAR PJ39598 addresses a problem with two new features that were added to the 9.7.3 release.
Without this patch you may see SQW01101E codegen errors when generating your application.
You may also see validation errors that reference the optimizeBatch and sampleRate properties (there's an indication in the warning message that they are missing ).

If you migrate from 9.5.2 to 9.7.3 using this migration tool, you will not have this problem ( although you may still want the interim fix for other issues ). The APAR above only applies to flows created on earlier versions of the 9.7.x release.

This interim fix is a cumulative patch of fixes since the 9.7.3 release. If you have another interim fix with an earlier date, this includes those fixes as well and the interim fix can be installed on top of any of the previous 9.7.3 based interim fixes.

This interim fix only needs to be applied to your 9.7.3 clients running the Design Studio. While the interim fix does include patches for the Administration Console, if you are not encountering any of the other issues documented in the readme.txt, you do not need to update the Administration Console in order to resolve the APAR documented above.

Best regards,