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‏2011-10-24T16:10:32Z |
Hi All,

I've installed WPF Version 7.0.1 and looking for mobile emulator. I didn't find any emulator.

Any idea whether WPF 7.0.1 comes with any default mobile emulator?

Deepak Bhatia
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    Re: Mobile Emulator WPF 7.0.1

    WEF is tooling and runtime for building web and portlet applications and mobile web applications that in browsers - it doesn't provide the browsers (mobile or PC based) itself.

    The mobile support in WEF 7.0.1 is targetted at WebKit based mobile devices (smart phones and tablets), so the easiest way to get started is to use a Webkit based PC browser when you run from Designer.

    There are many mobile device emulators out there that target many individual devices, and many of those can be used to test mobile web applications built with WEF 7.0.1 (eg, emulators for mobile devices based on webkit browsers).

    I hope that info helps,