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Pinned topic NMON2RRD Graph for Memory is blank

‏2011-10-22T18:39:09Z |
Hi Guys,,

I have a problem with the Web-pages / the Graphs generated by nmon2rrd script. My nmon2rrd version is 12g and is running on a Central AIX server. All the .nmon files collected from different AIX and Linux Machines will be uploaded in the Central AIX Box for processing.

I see no problem with the data collected from AIX machines, Whereas in the case of linux boxes the Memory graph in the web-page created by nmon2rrd tool is blank. If I try to analyze the data file ( .nmon) manually using a Nmon Analyzer I could see all required data and the Graphs for Memory also looks good.

I pointed that the problem is only with the Web-pages generated by the nmon2rrd tool.
Nmon version for linux is 14c
Nmon2rrd version is 12g

Any suggestions please ?
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  • BruceSpencer
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    Re: NMON2RRD Graph for Memory is blank

    ‏2011-11-15T14:04:57Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    I noticed the same thing. It appears nmon2rrd was written for AIX, not Linux. It works with Linux only where the data fields parse the same. The memory fields for AIX and Linux parse differently, resulting in the missing charts.
    • nagger
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      Re: NMON2RRD Graph for Memory is blank

      ‏2012-03-03T16:58:43Z  in response to BruceSpencer
      Bruce is correct.

      If any one wants to write the code for handling Linux memory stats which are radically different to UNIX then please let us known and I will include them.

      This is why nmon2rrd is released as a code sample - so others can add function and share.

      thanks, Nigel Griffiths