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Pinned topic Need help regarding required field

‏2011-10-21T17:34:40Z |
I have a XForm. Whose binding is like this

1) <bind nodeset="/Data/question_no_1" profile_quota="false()" seppage="true()"/>
2) <bind nodeset="/Data/question_no_1/radio_1_0" type="select1" visible="true()"/>
3) <bind nodeset="/Data/question_no_1/inputtext_1_0" required= type="string" visible="true()"/>
/Data/question_no_1/radio_1_0 is select1 type it has three radio buttons.

<select1 appearance="full" random="false()" ref="radio_1_0">
<label> select one radio button </label>
<label> abcd </label>
<label> efgh </label>
<label> ijkl </label>

The node set /Data/question_no_1/inputtext_1_0 depend upon the above select1. if nothing is selected from radio_1_0 then inputtext_1_0 should be required other it's not required.

e.g Like in some universal question --> selecting your county name from a list of country name (inform of radio buttons) if your country name is not there in the list then specify in a input kind of box.