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Pinned topic instructions to install STM on Win 7

‏2011-10-21T08:58:58Z |
STM Installation on Win 7
sample for STM on Win 7, 64 bit (no VC++ compiler installed)

right click setup.exe, run as administrator
(when not running as administrator, then XServer is not installed)
accept license agreement
select IBM Rational Statemate 4.6.1 and MKS X/Server
change path if required
Setup type: Custom
make selections or continue with default selections in this and the following screens
-> installation runs

MKS Toolkit Installation

Error message:
The following files did not self-register or unregister:
1. C:\Windows\SysWOW64\OLEAUTH32.DLL
Access denied.

ignore and continue with OK
(PM21984 closed, status: won't be fixed as there is no functional loss)

XServer Installation, hit Yes
restart computer

kill Dbserv.exe and vservice.exe in Windows task manager (processes)
install MKS Xserver patch (installation requires a previous installed XServer)
right click XS8.5p2.exe, run as administrator
enter password from readme.doc

kill Dbserv.exe and vservice.exe in Windows task manager again (processes)
replace dbserv.exe in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\MKS XServer
(copy and replace, confirm Administrator access message)
restart computer

start Statemate
run MKS X/Server optimization
Firewall message for stm.exe - allow in private and public networks
STM is running
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    Re: instructions to install STM on Win 7

    Thx, Gert

    Appreciate for the above detailed instructions.

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